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VP Israel Chamber of mediators
Certified Med-Arb Jethro Institute from 2016
Certified Mediator since 2009
Expert disputes settlement process


Avi Marom Milberger has more then 41 years experience in industry, product development, import, export, international trading and aviation as well as political and public experience.

This experience is directed towards processes that are positive, young and fresh, that cause those in dispute to understand each other and to find together a successful future & vision.

Fields of mediation

public, political, industrial, employer/employee, aviation and international tourism.

Special expertise in

splitting up businesses and political parties.

Extensive experience in

copyright dispute resolution in start ups.

Specialization in mediation in class actions

Mediation in class actions - one of many

Training and experience in

Labor and wages laws
Intra organizational mediation
Inheritance and estate planning laws

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Special expertise in

mediation that arises from differences in language, mentality and origin (race).
Mediation experience in different languages in addition to Hebrew, English and another 4 languages.

Area of activity

In Israel: The whole country without exception including Judea and the Samaria.
Outside of Israel: U.S.A., France, Germany, England, Australia and Africa.

Avi Marom Vice Chairman

"No matter the distance from the bridge as long as you are on your way"

"Many waters flowed and despite everything the bridges were built and the sides met ..."